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Lukewarm Christianity

Lukewarm Christianity - A Definition
Lukewarm Christianity is defined in this way:

    Ye are neither heathens nor Christians -- neither good nor evil -- neither led away by false doctrine, nor thoroughly addicted to that which is true. In a word, ye are listless and indifferent, and seemed to care little whether heathenism or Christianity prevailed. Though they (the lukewarm Christian) felt little zeal either for the salvation of their own souls or that of others, yet they had such a general conviction of the truth and importance of Christianity that they could not readily give it up.1
I like this definition because it speaks to the heart of the problem; where zeal for the things of truth lack, apathy tends to prevail. I’ve battled spirits of apathy in my life for as long as I can remember. Whether I refuse to take seriously my role and responsibility as a husband to my wife, or a father to my children, or refuse to take ownership for my relationship with Christ, or refuse to love His beloved the way He’s demanded I do. I’ve also been apathetic about my lifestyle liberties, where dabbling in this or experimenting with that was ok, because grace ushers me back into good report on the other side of my apology. But at some point in my life, I chose to exchange apathy for zeal, or lukewarm Christianity for a truth driven lifestyle, or… Pink Christianity for Red Christianity, and an Abandoned Lifestyle!

Lukewarm Christianity - Pink Christianity
We sum up the terms “Lukewarm Christianity” or “Cafeteria Christianity” or “Christian Apathy” by using the term “Pink Christianity.” Pink, because though Christ bled red blood on the cross, we’ve diluted and numbed down the truth of that sacrifice to the color of Pepto-Bismol. We’ve done this by our bad societal compromises, by believing false identities about ourselves as well as others, and by excusing injustice in our lives, churches, and neighborhoods on the basis of "tolerance." Beloved, Christ did not die that we could live a heathen lifestyle rooted and grounded in nothing to spend eternity with the Almighty Lord. Rather, He died for love, that we might find freedom from the bondage of death as it is expressed in every form of addiction to the temporal and fleshy things of this life, as well as it is expressed in mortality.

Shedding the pink in your life starts with daily choosing to live atop the foundation of truth. Truth is only found and specified in the Holy Bible. In this text, I’d like to give you two (among hundreds of) simple truths that will go a long way for you, as you pioneer a life that refuses to live under the heavy yolk of Pink Christianity (lukewarm Christianity).

Lukewarm Christianity - Simple Truths
First is the truth that your relationship with Christ is your responsibility; it is your journey. Our Lord appointed the Holy Spirit as a helper in this journey, and He also gave some as Apostles, some as Prophets, some as Teachers, some as Pastors and some as Evangelists, for the building of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11). You have helpers all around you, but you gravely misunderstand this faith if you believe it is a helper’s job to spoon-feed you the depth of revelation and intimacy needed to shed the Pink in your life, and adopt the truth found in the color red.

Second is that living according to a truth-driven lifestyle is a fundamental necessity for anyone hoping to shed the pink in his/her life. When we say "fundamental," we mean to say that nobody can sustain a zealous life comprised of intimacy with the Father, authority before man, and relevance in this age devoid of a daily choice to not be swayed off of the rock of truth. We must teach ourselves to believe that lifestyles outlined to us by the Apostles of the New Testament of the Holy Bible are not polite suggestions. They are requirements of the faith.

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Taken from the book Pink Christianity by Nathan Schnackenberg. Used with permission.
1 Adam Clark’s bible commentary

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