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Principles of Christian Discipleship

QUESTION: Can you give me practical principles of Christian discipleship, especially when helping a new Christian?


One of the privileges of being a child of God is helping others grow and learn about Him. Once we understand the basic principles of Christian discipleship, we can be more effective in our discipleship techniques.

Principles for disciplining new Christians over several weeks:
  • Begin by getting to know one another. Create a welcoming environment where the individual or group feels comfortable with you as the leader and with the others attending.
  • Begin with the basics of sin, salvation, and forgiveness. Don't assume the individual understands these concepts, but use the Bible to explain why Jesus' death and resurrection were necessary for salvation from eternal death. Explain that salvation is a free gift, not something we earn.
  • Explain that the Bible is a Christian's source for truth. Talk about how the Bible was written, why it is true, and how we can apply it to our lives. Take the time to read through a few Bible verses and have the new Christian rephrase the verses in his or her words. Discuss how you can both apply the verses to your lives. This is a great opportunity to introduce the concept of spending time in God's Word daily.
  • Present the concept of prayer by reading verses on that topic and discussing the basics. Some new Christians are not comfortable praying aloud, but would rather write their prayers first and then read them.
  • Introduce the concepts of fellowship, temptation, witnessing, and obedience.
Avoid using terms which may be confusing to the new Christian. Gradually introduce words like saved, salvation, faith, etc. As the person grows, these words will become more familiar. Be sure to create an environment where the new person feels comfortable to ask questions and share his or her concerns and feelings with you.

If this is your first time to disciple a new Christian, consider using material that is designed for this purpose.

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