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Children's Ministry

QUESTION: What are some principles for an effective children's ministry?


Principles for an effective Children's ministry begin by looking at the children whom you will serve through the eyes of their Creator. God has made them to be unique individuals. God designed parents as their primary caretakers and nurturers. Children's ministry workers are in place to come alongside of parents with encouragement, support, and developmentally-appropriate teaching and activities. Teaching and activities should be based in a curriculum scope and sequence designed to encourage and support orderly, timely growth of the body, mind and spirit of the child.

An effective Children's ministry must be in line with all local, regional, and national regulations governing the particular organizational structure, the facility, staff, employment practices, volunteer staffing, and confidentiality.

Remember "playing it safe" with the children in the care of the effective children's ministry demonstrates love.

An effective Children's ministry addresses foundational issues by following these ten steps:
  • Assess the need for the particular ministry being considered and pray about the decision. If the ministry will be part of your church programs, consult your church leadership.
  • Inventory support and resources for the ministry.
  • Determine "who, how, where, what, when and how much" as involved in the ministry operations and administration.
  • Outline a plan using each of the above criteria.
  • Build a support group.
  • Build a body of documentation to include a statement of belief to which all persons involved with the ministry must agree.
  • Develop, document, and put in place a structure for accountability.
  • Locate, renovate/remodel and/or build appropriate facilities.
  • Begin hiring or recruiting volunteers in the areas of administration, staff, leaders, etc.
  • As God leads, move in and begin operation.
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